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How to Find the Best Pediatric Dentist Near You

Team Pediatric Dentistry

When you want to find the best pediatric dentist near you, it can be hard to know where to start. In decades past, you’d look in the phone book or ask friends and neighbors, but these days, the internet offers so much more information—and it’s a lot to sort through! We hope you’ll agree that Dental Buddies of Vero Beach is the best pediatric dental practice for your little one, but no matter who you choose, we want to help you find a great fit for your family. Here’s what to look for.

Dental Care Starting By 12 Months

The American Dental Association recommends that every child first see the dentist within 6 months of the eruption of their first tooth or by the age of 12 months, whichever comes first. 

Our dentists specialize in providing dental care for children of all ages. Dr. Altan Kim is a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and holds certification in both Pediatric Dentistry and Advanced Education. He is trained in handling complex cases, special needs patients, emergency dental medicine, surgical dentistry, and is certified in oral conscious sedation.

Laughing Gas

Many patients are nervous when they hear “sedation dentistry” in relation to their children, but at Dental Buddies of Vero Beach, we offer nitrous oxide, a safe, mild form of dental sedation. Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide has a long track record of safety, with very few risks or side effects. Nitrous oxide is inhaled through a mask on the nose, so it takes effect quickly and wears off just as fast. 

We think laughing gas is the ideal sedation option for children because it allows them to be active participants in their care, while relaxing them enough that they don’t feel fearful or nervous. Your child will be awake throughout their procedure and able to respond to questions and requests, which is important. Our goal is to show them that their visits to our office can be a positive experience even if they’re feeling anxious beforehand.

Early or Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment

It used to be standard practice that orthodontists would wait until all of the adult teeth had erupted before beginning orthodontic treatment. Now, orthodontics is divided into two phases, with the first phase—early interceptive orthodontic treatment—beginning in some cases as early as 2 or 3 based on the need. This allows us to influence the jaw and teeth as they are developing, rather than waiting for development to be complete and then correcting any problems that have formed. 

When your child’s pediatric dentist offers early orthodontic treatment, you won’t need to find a separate orthodontic practice—their own dentist will identify when and if interceptive orthodontics are needed and begin treatment. These treatments include habit appliances to stop thumb and finger sucking, space maintainers to ensure that adult teeth have the room they need to erupt, and the HealthyStart system, which improves airway function for better sleep and breathing.

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